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  1. It's almost that time! We are working on confirming towns for the sale this year and will have an update soon! 
  2. These are sales at people's homes with flea markets along the route. Vendor spot info will be coming later on. Individual sellers will determine which day & time they will have their sales. We only coordinate with all the towns to have a city-wide yard sale the same weekend. We do not control individual sales, their advertising/signage or lack thereof, or the days they do their sale. Some people will start early and end late.
  3. Map information will be coming soon.
  4. We are also encouraging people to use the gsalr app again this year and place an ad in your local paper. More info on how each town will gather that info will be coming soon. Each town is responsible for whether they do a map or not, we do not do that part.
  5. Businesses that want to be on the master list and/or post in the group or event- this year there will be a small charge for advertising. More info will be forthcoming on that soon.
  6. If you are a seller- I can put you in contact with the contact person for your town. Putting signs out leading to your sale is a MUST. If you put your sale on the master list and decide to cancel you must contact us by May 2nd to be removed from the list. We have super angry shoppers every year that try to go to sales that do not exist. DO NOT be that seller!
  7. We will be having contests again this year and are looking for donations from local businesses for gift baskets. Contests will include the most unusual item contest and also the best yard sale sign contest.
  8. We are thinking of having t-shirts made this year for those that are interested.
  9. If you have questions you can call me at 918-762-1062 or text only at 918-519-6251, You can also email us at [email protected] Join the Oklahoma 100 Mile Yard Sale group on Facebook for the latest updates!
  10. Please share and invite your friends and let's make this the biggest and best yard sale yet!